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Goal setting for 2015

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” One of my favorite things to do at the start of every new year, is sit down with a notepad and pen and bust out all of my goals and intentions. There is something so liberating about starting fresh and pushing yourself to new limits. For me, when I set goals, I go big! I feel that playing small and putting limitations on yourself is doing yourself a disservice. Try not to set goals that you are guaranteed to meet. Make them challenging. A new year is all about stepping it up and taking some risks.

To help you set some amazing intentions and goals for the year I have put together some of my top tips for goal setting and staying motivated and on track.

1: SET Take 15 minutes to write as many goals as possible down on a piece of paper. Don’t limit yourself, just keep writing and writing as many things that come to mind. Make them very specific and as crazy, silly or serious as you like. Once you have everything down on paper, go over the ones that really resonate with you the most and highlight them.

2: MEASURE Take your highlighted goals and quantify the result that you want to achieve so you can stay on track. For example, just saying “Write more blogs” is not very measurable or motivating. However if you say “Write 2 blogs per week, every Monday and Thursday” you are giving yourself some structure to make it happen. Starting each goal with an action verb such as write, finish, quit etc. also keeps it inspirational.

3: VISUALISE Creating a vision board is a great way to get visually clear on what you want to achieve. Take each goal you have written down and find an image/photo that best represents you achieving that. Make sure the photos are inspirational and motivating whether it's an image of your dream house, a holiday destination you want to travel to or a fitspiration pic.

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