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Whether it’s the change of weather, airplane ac, hectic schedule or jet lag, travelling can be quite stressful and taxing on our bodies. Even the healthy people (yep me included after my London trip!) can become ill while travelling. As hard as it is sometimes to shield yourself from all the little bugs going around, there are definitely some steps and planning you can do to boost your immune system and get yourself back on track faster. Here are my top 5 tips for staying healthy and happy during your next trip.

TIP 1: Before the flight

Pack your vitamins. I usually pack a good multivitamin, some magnesium (to help my muscles relax on the plane) and some ArmaForce (a high potency vitamin C and olive leaf extract which is amazing at boosting your immunity). Travelling can really wear you out, so it’s great to give your body a little helping hand with some extra vitamins and minerals.

TIP 2: On the plane:

Stock up on a few snacks so you don’t get hungry and resort to digging into the bread roll or dessert on the plane. Three things I always pack in my carry on are a large bottle of water (that I refill as much as possible on the plane), a mix of organic teas (especially chamomile to help you fall asleep), and a few snacks such as activated nuts, kale chips or fruit. If you have any allergies or special dietary requirements make sure you tell the airline before you travel, they usually have everything from vegan meals to gluten and dairy free.

TIP 3: When you land:

Do a quick trip to the supermarket or health food store so you can stock the mini bar with healthier options. Things like fresh fruit, yoghurt and green juices will help you avoid being tempted by the breakfast buffet. If you do go to the buffet however don’t be shy to ask the staff to customise a few things for you. If I see they have fresh juices I usually ask them to make a version with some greens like spinach, celery or cucumber which they almost always have on hand out the back. I’ll also ask if they have any soy milk for the cereals and just chop up fresh fruit from the platters to sprinkle on top.

TIP 4: During the trip

Water, Water, water. Make sure you always carry a big bottle of water with you wherever you go. On holidays we can get so busy that we forget to hydrate ourselves and end up having low energy or even worst, constipation! Keep reminding yourself to drink water so you have a great amount of energy to be able to do as much sight seeing as possible.

TIP 5: After the trip

Don’t stress or feel guilty about indulging in certain foods while you were on holiday. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun not restrictive. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t get your green smoothie every morning. Just try and make healthy choices when you are out at restaurants and cafes with friends and enjoy your holiday as much as possible.

On a last note I always pack my carry on with a few 'must have' items to make sure I have a comfortable flight there and back. These include:

My Carry-On Travel Essentials:

- Lavender oil - Organic herbal teas - MultiVitamins, Magnesium, Arma Force - Water/Coconut water - Healthy snacks- nuts, kale chips, raw chocolate - Organic lip balm

- Eucalyptus inhaler to unblock the ears

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