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Get guzzling!

Let’s admit it, drinking water is kind of lame. We can easily forget about it until it’s too late and a headache kicks in or our skin starts looking dry and dull. But trust me, the health benefits far outweigh the annoyingness of refilling your bottle and those extra trips to the bathroom.

Since making a conscious effort to drink more water a few years ago I’ve noticed some amazing improvements to my health. Clearer skin, better digestion, weight loss, fewer headaches and more energy right throughout the day.

To make it happen though I had to put together a bit of a game plan. These 5 little tips were the easiest way for me to up my water intake without it seeming like such a massive chore. Try them out for a week and see if you notice a difference!

1. Leave a glass of water by your bed. This means as soon as you wake up all you have to do is roll over and reach for the glass. A full glass of water on an empty stomach is a great way to kick-start your metabolism before digging into breakfast. Room temperature water is also much gentler on the stomach first thing so you won’t get any uncomfortable bellyaches.

2. Spruce it up with flavours. Add foods like lemons, limes, cucumbers, chia seeds, and berries to make your water more interesting. These not only make it taste better but give you added health benefits too. Try making it the night before and letting it infuse overnight for a stronger taste.

3. Keep a bottle with you at all times. Let’s be real—if you’re stuck at your desk all day or on the road traveling for hours, you’re not going to make it a priority to go get water very often. Keeping a big bottle of water on your desk or in your bag is a fool proof way to keep hydrated. Make sure you keep it in sight so you are constantly reminded.

4. Every time you pee, have a glass of water. When you are at the office or home make a conscious effort to stop by the water cooler on the way back from the bathroom. You should also be able to tell how hydrated you are by the colour of your pee. The darker it is, the more water you need to drink. Ideally it should be a very light yellow colour.

5. Go easy on the diuretics. Diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine from coffee and tea can increase your need to go to the bathroom and cause the body to flush out important vitamins and minerals. If you really need a caffeine fix just make sure you drink a tall glass of water afterwards to replenish any lost hydration.

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