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Why comparison steals your confidence.

Have you even found yourself totally immersed on Instagram or Facebook comparing yourself to your friends, celebrities or even complete strangers? Checking out their latest vacations, fashion styles, relationships or even fitspo pics?

Well don’t stress, you’re not alone. We all do it. But unfortunately it’s these kind of traps that can leads us into a downward spiral of ‘I’m not good enough”. Comparing yourself to others is a dangerous territory because the bottom line is you will never be like that person. Why? Because you are unique, awesome and totally rad just the way you are.

So next time you find yourself addictively scrolling through your phone wishing you had their hair, wardrobe or lifestyle, stop in your tracks, put down your phone and remember just how great YOU are. Because I’m pretty sure that person you are stalking would be just as jealous of your life :)

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